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Who is Calm the Chaos Assistant?

Hi, I'm the helper, it's me, Mandy! 

I wanted to fill the gap for busy families, well mostly for Mom's and mompreneurs where they had someone to contact when life got overwhelming and they needed help.. and maybe not their mother's help. :D

This is a 100% personalized service to help you with your needs. No task is too trivial, small, mundane, overwhelming for me to try and tackle. If it's what you need help with, let's figure out how to help reduce the stress load you carry thinking about it. 

There are cleaners, there are pure organizers, and there are handymen.. I'm that in between, the gap filler, I not only can organize things, but can help with other household tasks that weigh you down, be it laundry, scary closets, paint touch ups, putting up shelves, out of control kids rooms or maybe you want a gallery wall hung. I've got the skills to tackle that! 

My background consists of:

Event Planner, Home Stager, CrossFit Gym Owner, House Reno'er, Sales... and everything in between!


I'm not afraid to tackle projects that overwhelm you. I'm not going to judge you for what your space has maybe become. That's literally why I exist. Give yourself permission to ask for help. It's ok, and it's going to be awesome! 


Mandy recently organized my kitchen, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Her professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail were top notch.
She implemented thoughtful solutions that made it easy for me to access everything I need. My kitchen is now more organized, efficient, and visually appealing.
I highly recommend Mandy to anyone looking to declutter and reorganize their space. I will definitely be booking her for future projects.

- Bonnie

Mandy was amazing in painting my girls bedrooms, she was on time, profressional and efficient. She cleaned the area after each day of work and was a joy to have. Definitely consider hiring Mandy (Calm the Chaos) for your daily activities you just don't have the time for or need that extra set of hands. She is amazing and will use her again.

- Deanne

I hired Mandy from Calm the Chaos to organize a few small spaces in my home that I hadn’t cleaned out in YEARS. Having her come while I was at work was a bonus cause she was also able to help check in on my dogs.
If you have projects or spaces that you’ve been meaning to organize (in my case for years), hire Mandy. I can’t stress enough, time is money; you won’t regret investing in the help. Mandy did an amazing and incredibly efficient job at organizing and finding everything a place. I can see all my belongings now and am finally able to maximize their use. She is reliable, on time and trustworthy. Invest in the help, your house and mind will be better for it !! I’ll definitely be using this service again.

- Nicole

It's time to Calm your Chaos

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